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April 4, 2012

Hollywood’s biggest grossers don’t make it to the Oscars!

If the latest study in Hollywood is any indication, there are two types of successful films.

There are films that break box office records and others that reign supreme at the Oscars.

According to a study conducted by, some of the biggest blockbusters have been consistently facing disappointment at the Oscars while the ones that have clinched the top honours at Academy Awards only managed to do decent business.

Take, for instance, The Artist, that clinched all the top awards this year including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Film.

Quite interestingly, the film made only $77 million at the box office. Before you gape at us for saying ‘only’ for the seemingly staggering figure, let’s consider the fact that it is one of the most universally acclaimed films in recent times.

The figure also appears modest if you compare it to the earnings of this year’s top grosser Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2. The last film in the franchise made a whopping $ 1.33 billion but got three nominations in the Art Direction, Visual Effects and Makeup categories. It lost out on all counts.

Here’s looking at how the trend has shaped up in the last decade.


What you didn’t see on TV during the Oscars

LOS ANGELES –  Even the hundreds of photographers, TV cameras and webcams around the Hollywood & Highland Center can’t capture every starry moment of Sunday’s 84th annual Academy Awards.

Celebrities reunite on the red carpet, mingle during commercial breaks and experience impromptu star-crossings in the wings — and we’ve got our eyes and ears trained on those moments.

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What Ever Happened to Ted?

The “Mouth of the South” is no longer as he devotes his time (and $1 billion) to the U.N., jets between 28 homes and four girlfriends, misses Jane Fonda and opens up to THR about Rupert, Jerry and his abuse as a child. Says a friend: “He’s definitely… Read more

Bianca Romero head of IEEP

Bianca Romero head of Imagine Entertainment Editing has called upon Mahtab Entertainment’s Solmaz Niki-Kermani as a creative producer for an upcoming project from Rede Globo in Brazil. The film is titled Running Star about a young girls adventure the rainforest.

Romero has a strong relationship with Rede Globo and served as a creative producer before she made her move to Hollywood. She was responsible for cross cultural TV development which imported Portuguese documentaries into Brazil.

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Elephant Theatre Company going on hiatus for 2012‎

Los Angeles Times – 16 minutes ago
The Elephant Theatre Company — one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood’s Theatre Row district — has suspended operations for the 2012 season due

Funny How Sensitive Hollywood Gets When You Threaten To Mess With Its ‘Fundamental’ Structure

from the but-the-internet?-bah… dept

One of the key points in the SOPA/PIPA debate involved Hollywood — and the MPAA’s Chris Dodd and Michael O’Leary in particular — dismissing the worries of folks in the tech industry about the rather fundamental changes that these laws would make to both the technological and legal frameworks of the internet. Anytime such a thing was brought up, it was dismissed out of hand. This was most noticeable during the original SOPA hearings in November, where a number of experts were pointing out their concerns with how SOPA would undermine basic internet security principles… and O’Leary dismissed them with a simple statement about how he just didn’t believe those concerns to be true.

What shocked many folks in the tech community was just how easily the MPAA sought to dismiss some pretty massive fundamental changes to both the internet and the legal framework around the internet. However, apparently if you dare touch the “fundamental” parts of Hollywood’s business, the same MPAA throws a hissy fit. The EU recently had a public consultation on a variety of copyright-related topics, some of which were more interesting than others. One of the topics was on the question of movie release windows, and whether or not they made sense any more. As we’ve noted there have been many, many studies that suggest that these release windows are actually a big part of the problem for Hollywood, and they’re leaving a ton of money on the table by not making movies available in as many convenient ways as possible.

In fact, many of the (non-Hollywood) respondents to the consultation made this point. There’s BEUC (a consumers’ group) that sees (pdf) “both platform and territorial release windows as outdated.” GSMA called for (pdf) support for “flexible and shorter release windows.” And EuroISPA was the most stringent (pdf

Are You Ready for Despicable Me 2? Carell Returns to Franchise in New Vid

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Steve Carell at the 2007 Academy Awards

Steve Carell at the 2007 Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image via Wikipedia

What are you in Hollywood these days if you’re not a franchise? Despicable Me is gearing up for an all new CG sequel, Despicable Me 2. Steve Carell will reprise his role as Gru in the new film directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud.

Although Despicable Me lacked the merchandising and marketing blitz of Toy Story or Shrek, the first film grossed over $540 million, earning it a place as the 10th-biggest animated feature from the Us.

The latest teaser, shown below, gives you a taste for the movie. Once again, the minions are back. This time they are singing a very notable song, but in their humorous minion-speak that only they understand.

Despicable Me 2 comes to theaters Summer 2013 from Universal Pictures.


New UK Trailer & Synopsis for The Cold Light of Day Starring Bruce Willis & Henry Cavill

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Cover of

Cover via Amazon

Cover via Amazon

Here’s the brand new UK trailer for the new movie starring Bruce Willis and Henry Cavill called The Cold Light of Day. This trailer is similar to the Us one released a month or so ago but contains some new bits of footage for your viewing pleasure.

Armed with a gun, but no information, Will (Henry Cavill) is alone in an unfamiliar city and is forced to piece together the puzzle of his missing family.

Unwittingly embroiled in a Government conspiracy he has agents from all sides hot on his tail. An unrelenting chase across the streets of Madrid intensifies and Will is forced to question everything he has known in order to stay alive long enough to rescue his family… but is there anyone left he can trust?

Starring super British talent Henry Cavill (Immortals) alongside Hollywood action legends Bruce Willis (Die Hard) and Sigourney Weaver (Avatar) The »

– David Sztypuljak

Leonardo DiCaprio and Girlfriend Erin Heatherton’s Hollywood Date Night

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image via Wikipedia

Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Erin Heatherton are going strong! Just one month after the cute couple enjoyed a romantic vacation together in Mexico, DiCaprio and Heatherton were out in Hollywood last night on a date. So what was the twosome up to? The couple hit the launch party for Rande Gerber‘s new Caliche rum at the Sofitel around midnight. They entered through the hotel’s back entrance and jetted straight to a secluded corner table in the back of the Stone Rose lounge. The low-key couple kept the Pda to a minimum. DiCaprio kept his arms around Heatherton’s waist while chatting with Gerber and his wife Cindy Crawford and sipping on Cali Caliche cocktails. They slipped »

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