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April 4, 2012

Hollywood’s biggest grossers don’t make it to the Oscars!

If the latest study in Hollywood is any indication, there are two types of successful films.

There are films that break box office records and others that reign supreme at the Oscars.

According to a study conducted by, some of the biggest blockbusters have been consistently facing disappointment at the Oscars while the ones that have clinched the top honours at Academy Awards only managed to do decent business.

Take, for instance, The Artist, that clinched all the top awards this year including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Film.

Quite interestingly, the film made only $77 million at the box office. Before you gape at us for saying ‘only’ for the seemingly staggering figure, let’s consider the fact that it is one of the most universally acclaimed films in recent times.

The figure also appears modest if you compare it to the earnings of this year’s top grosser Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2. The last film in the franchise made a whopping $ 1.33 billion but got three nominations in the Art Direction, Visual Effects and Makeup categories. It lost out on all counts.

Here’s looking at how the trend has shaped up in the last decade.


The Hunger Games Edited for UK Release

Wait a second! Isn’t the U.S. supposed to be the one with the crazy uptight stick up its ass when it comes to cinema content?!? The UK is Always stealing our thunder, damn it!

According to Variety, Lionsgate U.K. has opted to shave seven seconds off Gary Ross‘ adaptation of The Hunger Games for Brit audiences in order to achieve a 12A classification in the territory.

The film, which has received a PG-13 rating in the U.S. from the MPAA, was originally given an uncut 15 certificate from the British Board of Film Classification, but Lionsgate was keen to “achieve a particular category” to reach a wider audience in the U.K.

Kids under the age of 12 are allowed to watch 12A films at cinemas if they are taken by an adult. According to the BBFC, “a number of cuts were made in one scene to reduce »

– Uncle Creepy

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Been Emailing Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence Over Feud

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart been emailing Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence over feud. Recently, Access Hollywood chatted it up with Hunger Games,Katniss starlet Jennifer Lawrence in the video (below),and she revealed that she went ahead and emailed Twilight mega star Kristen Stewart about all these Hunger Games vs Twilight rumors that have been reported,so she could clear the air. She went on to reveal that she and Kristen have never met before,and the rumors are completely false. They also had her cracking up,laughing. She was worried that Kristen might think the rumors are true,and wrote Kristen,saying, “Hey, can’t wait to see more as this feud unfolds!” Then Kristen wrote her back,stating, “It’s fine. Welcome to the world where everything you say gets turned into something it’s not. So, she understood.” Lol! Kristen is so cool.

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Been Emailing »

– Andre

Lawrence Is Fine With Nude Roles

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Rising star Jennifer Lawrence has refused to rule out appearing nude onscreen.

The Hunger Games star has no problem with nudity in films, and admits she’d happily shed her clothes on camera if she felt it was necessary for the role.

Lawrence tells Britain’s Glamour magazine, “So far, I haven’t found a film I’d love to be naked in, but I certainly never look at an actress naked in a movie and judge her. It’s a human body, which is a beautiful thing, right? So stay tuned…”

The Oscar-nominated 21-year-old has had a taste of what to expect being naked on screen – she appeared in nothing but blue paint and prosthetics in 2011′s X-Men: First Class.

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