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April 4, 2012

Joe Francis has had a major change of heart about Madonna

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Joe Francis has had a major change of heart about Madonna … because 4 months ago … he PROMISED he wouldn’t sue if she used the name “Girls Gone Wild” on her album … and TMZ has the footage to prove it.

Back in November, we asked Francis about the then-rumor that Madge titled one of her songs, “Girls Gone Wild” … and Francis happily replied, “I’m excited about that!”

We asked if he was cool with the situation, legally … to which he explained, “I’m REALLY cool with that actually … I’m not going to sue you Madonna … I love you, I love Madonna.”

Fast forward to last night … when Joe once again made it clear he wasn’t going to back down from his new demand that Madge PAY HIM for using the name … because he owns the rights to everything GGW-related, including Girl Gone Wild


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